Why You Should Choose an O-Shot

Many women experience stress incontinence or losing a small amount of urine when sneezing, coughing, or laughing. Women also experience dyspareunia or painful intercourse. An O-shot® will enhance the sensation of a provide natural lubrication. It will help women have better orgasms or reach orgasm. The O-shot® is performed by injecting Natural Growth Factor Injections into the roof of the vaginal wall and the clitoris.

What is an O-Shot?

O-Shot® can help women with sexual dysfunction, and urinary incontinence. One of the most effective treatments to improve sex and urinary incontinence. Please visit www.glowlaserbeauty.com to book a free consultation. Come in and we will send you a free book regarding the O-Shot®. See how this procedure has transformed thousands of women’s lives across the world.

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