Sign up on our GlowRewards app to see pricing and earn rewards!

Step one: signing up

  • Click the rewards button
  •  Enter your phone number
    • It will send you a code to verify your phone number
  • It will then ask for your  name, email address, birth date, & more
Step two: Saving App to Your Home Screen
  • When your on the main page of our app, it will guide you to save our app on your home screen on your cell phone. Saving it will make it easier to find it next time you are in our office!
Step three: Pricing & Rewards
  • Checking In:
    • Scan the QR code at our front desk to earn rewards when you have an appointment
  • Once you have signed up, there are tabs at the button of the screen.
    • Click “Marketplace” tab
    • You will then see all of our memberships and pricing for our services
  • If you don’t see a service on there, call/text us at (833) 456-9888 to sign up for a free consultation!
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