Vampire®Breast Lift

Vampire® Breast Lift uses  Natural Growth Factor Injections to create fuller and perkier cleavage. Blood is drawn from your arm, spun, and reinserted back into your breasts.

The procedure lifts saggy breasts increases the shape and look of cleavage, fixes inverted nipples, and erases stretch marks. Breast and nipple sensitivity is increased.

The Vampire Breast lift isn’t a replacement for implants and doesn’t double your cup size overnight, but it will reshape and round out your bust. You’ll look like you’re wearing a push-up bra even when you are braless.

The entire procedure takes about 15-20 minutes and feels as if you are having blood drawn or you are getting any other cosmetic injectable. Your skin responds to the injections by creating new tissues. You should notice gradual changes in your breast tone and texture over the coming months.

There is little to no downtime. Full results will take about two months, but the difference is noticeable within a few days. Vampire® Breast Lift lasts up to at least a year, and in some women, the results are permanent.

To find out more about Vampire Breast Lift, discuss the procedure with your aesthetician at Glow Laser & Beauty Center.

Do you have any of these 5 signs of an aging breast?

  • Skin color is grayer
  • Breast shape is collapsed and droopy
  • Sensation is decreased
  • Inverted nipples
  • Crinkling, or crepe-paper skin around the cleavage area.

Before And AfterVampire®Breast Lift


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